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More than 20 years advising private companies and public entities.
Investment, real estate consulting and internationalization.
Connecting the Spanish real estate with international property markets.

20 years of experience of proven success

Since its foundation in 1999, Meridiana has been developing as an increasingly experienced company in the European real estate sector. With a successful track record that acts as a guarantee. Meridiana is focused on the search for new investment opportunities, both in the disinvestments of large companies and in the property portfolios of banks.

In Meridiana we like to get excited with each project, generate a good working atmosphere and offer, with a personalized treatment, real estate solutions based on our experience and knowledge. We have a multidisciplinary team that allows us to address a wide range of projects and continue to grow with new initiatives.


Meridiana Team

During these 20 years a large number of people have collaborated with us, with whom we like to keep in touch. Without looking for it specifically, a small international community has been created that gives us value and new experiences.

To keep it alive, we keep in continuous contact through newsletters and by organizing special events during the year.

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Corporate Social Responsability

Barcelona Growing Talent aims to be the platform that offers the first professional opportunity to young students to develop in the workplace.

The association connects students and companies, and gives them the opportunity to face, for the first time, the working world. It helps them to progress, to learn in all areas, to make contacts and many more.

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Albert Castro Domenech
CEO & Fundador

Niall Moriarty
Key Account Manager

David Ruiz Soler
Marketing Manager

Guillem Codina Escofet
Project Manager

Gonzalo Martín Fernández
Business Developer

David Gazo Giménez