Investment in distress and NPL portfolios

Innovation and funds for integrated NPL portfolio management

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  • Real Estate. More than 215,000,000€ of investment volume in the purchase of NPL portfolios, distress and property holding companies.
  • Financial and Corporate. Extensive experience in buying and selling, acquiring, merging and splitting up companies, especially in distress, as well as in refinancing them.
  • Commercial. Fundraising and international investor network with presence since 1995 in the major trade shows of the sector: MIPIM, ExpoReal, Sima Pro and BMP.
  • Legal Mortgage. Legal team specialized in mortgage law and negotiation with debtors since 1990.
  • Bankruptcy Law. Team specialized in the world of bankruptcy law with emphasis on the necessary bankruptcy, agreements and the sale of productive units.
  • Tax Law. Experts in optimizing the structure of NPL operations, dations, alternative and corporate workouts.
  • Servicing and Reporting. Financial analysis, forecasting and financial reporting of NPL portfolios to achieve the desired objectives.
  • Fiscal. Experts in optimizing the structure of the NPL operations, dations, alternative and corporate workouts. 
  • Servicing y Reporting: Financial analysis, forecasting and financial reporting of NPL portfolios to achieve desired objectives

Own portfolio management

  • Holistic vision of vertically integrated management for NPL portfolios in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Andorra and Portugal).
  • Personalized management focused on providing solutions to the most difficult and delicate positions.
  • Transfer of reputational risk.
  • Our workout vision is formed by a multidisciplinary “attack” concept:

    • Real Estate 
    • Legal
    • NPL management / Workout

We create added value

  • We meet the objective of paying off the bank debt by valuing the property and investing our capital.
  • We solve all the contingencies and problems: with creditors, works, urban planning, licenses, public administrations and communities, supplies, occupations, fiscal, accounting and financial problems.
  • We give use to the properties, creating an economic and social benefit. We comply with the social requirement of not having any empty housing.

Our method

Real Estate

  • In-depth knowledge of the market: trends, players and operations
  • Preliminary analysis. Individualized file of each asset. Realistic assessment of possible recovery. Preparation of benchmarking and data rooms.
  • Obtaining possession of real estate assets.
  • Real estate realization: putting the value of the asset in order to sell the asset in the most efficient way, maximizing value.


  • Due diligence: legal, technical, tax and real estate, as well as assessment of reputational risk.
  • Evaluation of the costs involved (time and procedural costs).
  • Legal pressure with the presentation of foreclosures and ordinary foreclosures.
  • Corporate: alternative outlets through the sale/assignment of the companies that own the properties that guarantee the NPL.
  • Bankruptcy: presentation of the necessary bankruptcy and purging of liabilities if necessary.

NPL Management

Tasks focused directly on the NPL solution based on helping the mortgagor through the design of creative solutions that go beyond the common workout:

  • Preliminary analysis: Realistic assessment of possible recovery Preparation of benchmarking and data rooms.
  • Friendly agreement: economic benefit for the debtor in exchange for full cooperation.
  • Assembly and sale of NPL portfolios: Preparation and marketing of NPL portfolios when it is decided that real estate realization is not the ideal solution.
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